Developing Bodies


Ateknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. Ateknea aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into real marketable products and services that are crucial for their success. By offering tailor-made services for innovation, such as technological development and coaching, Ateknea’s experts cover a wide range of engineering and scientific areas. Ateknea has locations in Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Krakow, Lisbon and Valetta.



Laboratoire PHENOBIO has been created in October 2012 as a spin-off of the Bordeaux’s Institute of Wine and Vine Sciences . Laboratoire PHENOBIO provides support for R&D programs for SME and major groups from the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agricultural and health-nutrition sectors, and aim to develop and market its own ingredients for the dermocosmetic and nutraceutical sectors by the use of green processes of extraction. They develop extraction processes to obtain polyphenol-enriched extracts from multiple sources using conventional methods (solvents) and super- and-sub-critical fluid extraction (green processes). Also perform bioassay-guided fractionation for the isolation and structure elucidation of new active molecules using NMR and MS methods and quantification of polyphenols and their metabolites in various samples, including foods, nutraceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, and biological samples such as urine and blood plasma. Their business lay on polyphenolic extracts grading on different target (interaction with peptides, antioxidant and enzymatic activity) on in vitro and cellular models.



REPOTEC consists of a group of experienced power plant engineers, who have specialized in the engineering of biomass gasification CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants. They reached a breakthrough in biomass gasification when they erected the Biomass Gasification CHP Plant in Güssing in 2001. Since then this plant has been reliably supplying the town with heat and electricity and with its over 60.000 operating hours so far became the benchmark for biomass gasification technology. REPOTEC is an engineering and construction company, which is highly specialised in the erection of small and medium sized biomass, ranging from 1 MW to 10 MW. Furthermore they deal with synthesis like SNG (synthetic natural gas), FT-Synthesis for fuels and mixed alcohols synthesis, all derived from woodgas.



HAKKI USTA firm was established in Aydın, in 1954 by the young motor master Hakkı Gözlüklü. The firm started its activities with different types of water motors, olive oil and cotton press repairs and restorations, in 1962 manufactured the first olive oil press in its region. In 1989, Ömer and Ahmet Gözlüklü brothers achieved a great success by manufacturing first continuous system olive oil plant in Turkey. They are producing olive oil extraction plants in Turkey with a marketing power (World-wide) strong on the sector (over 600 olive oil plants have installed). They produce Olive oil extraction plants from 5 tonnes to 105 tonnes olive per day (Pomace treatment plants, Milk separators, Separators & Decanters for Waste environmental solutions). In 2008, oily sludge dewatering project in Tüpraş Aliağa Plant was carried out with success.


Effitech (FR) –

EFFITECH is a privately owned company, founded in 1992 and is “technology driven”. They have imagined in 2006 a new pulsed power concept associating standard components in series to achieve higher voltage operation. This new design required a lot of internal R&D efforts. In particular year 2011 was fully dedicated to internal new pulsed power development (no sales). This research leads to OSEO support and the first export sale in 2012. Their business focuses to research companies since their products offer unique capabilities for parametric studies in order to optimize a process. Higher power scaling-up, following their design, will be a second step once the optimisation for a dedicated application would be achieved.


Mora industrial S.A. (ES) –

Years ago in Mora de Toledo, a day like any other, the restlessness of a generation excited and enterprising, made possible for us to be talking about Mora Industrial, SA as a family business, with extensive experience in the development of oil and wine. Over the years and applying the knowledge gained, the company has worked and works to improve and continue to meet the needs of its customers, who love their products. These differ from the rest, for the raw material that generates unique microclimate of the area and its traditional production process equipped with the latest technology. To-date, the most important objective of the company is to enable their products to reach anywhere in the world. With regard to production, the company produces red and white wines under the DO “La Mancha”, and many types of olive oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil, extra virgin olive oil under the DO “Montes de Toledo”, olive pomace oil and refined olive pomace oil. Derived from the production process of olive pomace oil, it creates a byproduct called “orujillo” used mainly as biomass in cogeneration plants.


AMP – ADERA-Amarante Process ISVV (FR) –

Amarante Process is one of the four Technology Transfer Laboratories of the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) of the University Bordeaux Segalen in France. It was created in October 2008 as a unit integrated to the Research Group of Process Engineering of the Enology Laboratory (EA4577, USC 1219 INRA, IPB). Amarante Process is managed by ADERA (Association pour le Développement de l’Enseignement et des Recherches auprès des universités, des centres de recherche et des entreprises d’Aquitaine). This structure enables Amarante Process to perform Research and Development activities for the private sector, providing the companies with technological innovations developed by the research laboratory.


TUW – Technische Universität Wien (AT) –

The Institute of Chemical Engineering is one department of the Faculty of Natural Science at the Vienna University of Technology. The Research Division Chemical Process Engineering and Energy Technology has got a long experience and tradition in the field of fluidised bed technology. For more than 20 years the research is focusing on fluidised bed gasification processes.